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Anonymous said: how did you and christian meet?

welllllll its really a cray story because of the background deets, but ill keep it simple

we went through all of high school without knowing too much about each other, we interacted all about one time before i knew who he was and it was because he somehow ended up with my blunt splitter lol 

about the end of january/early february he was placed in one of my classes and it was really funny because he walked in and we had this mean dyke as our teacher but she is responsible for our portal to talking and the most awesome thing thats happened so props to you miss lady

anyways, he had just got transferred into that class and she sat him right next to me *heart eyes* i was going through some shit so i wasnt even looking and he wasn’t either, but thats the awesome part about it because it was true, not rigged, not set up, no intentions where there although he did admit to “kind of hoped she would sit me next to you, i was excited” 

the funny thing is though, he never talked to me, he always had his headphones in and so did i, but then it all sort of worked out for itself. one day we sitting there when in the corner of my eye i see him sketching what looked like the beginning of a new piece and it was, im from LA, so it was kind of cool seeing someone from here (austin) personally partaking in graffiti.

"what do you write" i said and he replied with a dumbfounded face before collecting what i had just said and replied with "uh..exsor" (name has changed back to his original since then) and the rest is history we got pretty close in that class, had the same group of friends, so it was easy to hang out and on february 14, i never thought i would be chilling with my future valentine for the next year (this year) we spent that entire day together and eventually we became closer and closer and he would come to my house with bobas and we would smoke and go out to eat or just chill and fall asleep in his car, and that was all before we even started officially dating. we spent every single day together, talking, texting, planning. we talked about music, exchanged knowings and it was just the most beautiful thing ive ever had, he was my friend, and my sanctuary and we werent even together. one day we were at his house, i came back out of the restroom to his room to his bed to find him laying there with almost tears in his eyes and he told me he loved me. the craziest thing happened to me that night because i told him i loved him too and weve been dating ever since then. when i say crazy, its the good crazy. i went further than your question, but this was awesome to answer because no ones really asked. that night was march 17th and its crazy to think its almost about to be a year with him. hes fucking awesome and thank you, i needed this.

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Anonymous said: do you and patino still go out?


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